Marketing is a vital arm of small and large business alike. One of the most vital roles of your marketing department is producing sharp, relevant, on-brand, and engaging content for the web and social media. Most small businesses start without a designated copywriter. Instead, someone in the marketing department handles the content and copy creation. But, for the business to grow without the marketing department getting sidetracked and diverting precious time from other marketing roles, hiring a designated copywriter is a smart decision. This article explains why every company can benefit from hiring a designated copywriter:

Consistent Copy Means Consistent Content

One perk of hiring designated copywriters is that you can set definite deadlines and always have content coming in on a consistent basis. Copywriters are more likely to meet deadlines than a business owner or marketing manager with a million other things on their plate. Producing consistent content is almost as important as producing great content. With a designated copywriter on staff, you can have high quality and high quantity content. A fresh, constantly update site will draw in more readers and help your business grow.

Best SEO Practices

Best practices in the SEO field are in constant fluctuation. The industry is always adapting to keep up with the ever changing search engine parameters and searching habits. With social media and smart phone applications in the mix, SEO can become even more confusing. The fact of the matter is, having a designated copywriter on staff enables business owners to pinpoint their copy to be the most effective and rewarding. If you don't have any SEO experience, you probably don't want to bother yourself with the confusing intricacies of the field.

Coordinated Campaigns

Keeping your content on brand is hard enough as it is. If you don't have a copywriter who can compliment your visual content with appropriate copy, the task becomes even harder. Whether you are focusing on printed or web copy, you need to coordination between the graphic designers, sales managers, marketing copywriting, and all the way up to the CEO. A good copywriter will make everybody else

The beauty of hiring copywriters is that it frees up marketing departments from worrying about things that could distract them from their main goal. In the end, an in-house copywriter can help increase profits and improve the identity of your brand. It is a small investment for a possible larger financial return.

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