You probably know that a key to success in online marketing is collecting search traffic; a big part of how you do that is keyword marketing. But how does that really work? Let's take a look at some principles used in paid keyword marketing:

Users Search for Terms and Find Your Site

The basic model is that users are looking for specific terms, and then they expect good results when they click on the search bar. If your website pops up on page one when they search for a term related to your business, you are more likely to get some web traffic from them. 

Some Keywords Are More Competitive Than Others

It gets more complicated when you consider that not all keywords are created equally in terms of search competitiveness. There may be a million people searching for hotel deals in San Diego and only a few hundred searching for hotels in Muncie, Indiana; likewise, there are probably more businesses catering to San Diego tourists, and so there are more potential web pages that a search engine can serve.

If you're just getting started with search engine marketing, you'll want to go for more specific keywords in order to be more competitive. If you are in a very competitive area, you will need to narrow down your audience; buying search engine optimization services for "photography classes in Anchorage, Alaska" is going to be an easier target than trying to rank for the general keyword "photos".

Search Engine Optimization Is the Freemium Marketing Strategy

You can get search traffic to your website in a semi-organic way by providing useful content that relates to that keyword. For example, blog posts that relate to your keywords are helpful. This option is labeled as "freemium" because, although you can begin to optimize a website for yourself, it helps if you can afford to pay for the expert content creation and website optimization services. 

Some Keywords Are More Expensive Than Others

You can purchase keyword traffic by placing ads on searches for that keyword. But many search engines employ a bidding system so that those who can bid higher will get their keyword ads placed higher on the search engine results. Thus, a mix of regular search engine optimization and paid search results will go a lot further than simply one or another. If you need more help figuring out how to spend your marketing budget for keyword marketing, consult a search engine optimization specialist for help.